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SPRING (coming soon):

  • set in the atmosphere of reviving nature
  • children learn tidiness and waste sorting
  • they recognize silhouettes of birds and animals
  • they learn to associate adult animals with their offspring

SUMMER (coming soon):

  • game themes refer to summer holiday atmosphere
  • children learn the names of various plants, including flowers and cereal crops
  • they learn to identify flags of different countries
  • they learn sport disciplines


  • most beautiful scenery filled with warm autumn colours
  • tasks connected with the season’s typical activities, such as working in the fields and raking fallen leaves
  • children identify fruits in orchards and woods
  • they memorize shapes and colours of plants

WINTER (coming soon):

  • pleasant scenery set in winter mood
  • children learn to identify tracks left by forest animals in the snow
  • they listen to and identify animal sounds
  • they learn numbers and basic counting principles